Ken Turner – Managing Partner/General Manager Since high school, Ken had always wanted to be in the trades because he had a great example to follow – his father. A passion to become an electrician was guided into a more diverse field. He enrolled in HVACR at Algonquin College in Ottawa has never looked back since. He is very passionate about the business especially the satisfaction of helping customers when they need service. Meeting new people and building long-standing relationships with them are also a part of why he loves this business so much. Plus, Ottawa is home to Ken, he wouldn’t want to serve anywhere else!

Ken is a certified Gas Technician, AC Mechanic and Sheet Metal Installer

Darren Parsons – Senior Manager/IT Manager          For Darren, HVAC is in the blood because he grew up in the industry. His father and uncles were all tinsmiths or blacksmiths. If it could be made from metal someone in the family was doing it. Eventually his father started his own plumbing and heating business and hammering together fittings for the day’s job became his personal alarm clock. He however did not fall in love with installing ductwork in crawlspaces and went on to study Computer Programming. His first job however was with a thermostat manufacturer! He must’ve seen that as a sign because when his brother called on him to help start his own HVAC Company, he didn’t refuse but decided to focus on his strengths. Darren now loves ensuring that Anchor Climatecare can continue to provide the much-needed HVAC services to his “larger city with a small-town feel”. He would love to see the younger generation show more interest in skilled trade and works to ensure that Anchor Climatecare is a place where people want to be.

Ottawa HVAC Contractors

What’s HVAC? HVAC is an acronym for Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning. Your HVAC equipment includes your furnace, central air conditioner and the ductwork that moves the air around your home. It also includes accessory items such as humidifiers, air cleaners, and heat recovery ventilators.

Anchor ClimateCare has provided the kind of HVAC Ottawa has counted on for almost 30 years. We care about your family’s comfort, and that’s why we provide you with maintenance, service and repair for all your home’s HVAC products.

We’re Baeumler Approved, so you can trust our history of quality work and customer satisfaction.

Home heating solutions to meet all your family’s needs

Whether you’re in the market for a gas furnace or a gas fireplace  to keep your family warm through the winter, Anchor ClimateCare has what you need. When it comes to heating your home during the cold Ottawa winter, Anchor ClimateCare is a company you can trust.

Plus, Anchor ClimateCare’s heating repairs and other services make it easy to save money on your utility bills. A well-maintained furnace is far more efficient neglected one.

Home cooling solutions to meet all your family’s needs

With Anchor ClimateCare’s range of high-efficiency, high-quality air conditioners,  you can feel refreshed right in your home, cooling off in Ottawa’s hot, sticky summers — and reduce your energy use all summer long! Choose from leading manufacturers as well as our own ClimateCare brand. Our Ottawa climate experts will make sure you get the right air conditioner for your home, budget, and lifestyle.

When choosing an air conditioner, the right size and efficiency are critical. That’s where Anchor ClimateCare’s HVAC contractors’ nearly 30 years of HVAC Ottawa experience comes in. We’re fully qualified to help you select an air conditioner that is properly sized and with the right efficiency rating for your home.

Indoor air quality: What you can’t see can hurt you

The quest for energy efficiency has made Ottawa homes tighter and less able to “breathe”. Combine tight construction with new building materials, indoor air pollutants and any number of allergens and it’s no surprise that indoor air quality, or IAQ, in many homes is poor.

Poor indoor air quality can contribute to health and respiratory problems, the deterioration of furniture and floors and a general lack of comfort in your home. Proper humidity, ventilation and temperature control are integral to the health of your home and your family.

Anchor ClimateCare has the experts you need to clear the air in your home.

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