3 Reasons to Book Fall Furnace Maintenance

Here in Ottawa and at Anchor ClimateCare, the weather is starting to turn a little bit.

However, it isn’t so drastic that you’re thinking about cranking up the furnace. After all, the really cold weather won’t be here for a while.

Even though winter doesn’t officially start for a while (Thursday, December 21), you just never know when Old Man Winter will appear.

So it makes sense to be proactive (and avoid any potential furnace repairs) by scheduling fall maintenance (which you can do right here).

Here’s why:

Save money1. Spend a little now, save a lot later

As part of your ACE Protection Plan, furnace maintenance identifies the normal wear-and-tear your furnace experiences:

  • Dirty filters: Dirt, dust and debris infiltrate your furnace filters. When it does, your furnace works harder (and costs more money) to heat your home.
  • Dirt in the burner: Just by looking at the pilot light, your Anchor ClimateCare technician can tell if it’s dirty (which doesn’t allow gas and air to mix properly) and safely clean it.
  • Duct inspection: Over summer, things like pet hair can get stuck in your ducts. Air duct cleaning eliminates any contaminants so that warm air can move freely when you need it most.

Keeping things tuned-up and in good working order is much easier (and less expensive) than waiting until something goes wrong and fixing it afterwards.

Especially here in Ottawa, when it can get brutally cold (according to Wikipedia, the coldest day ever in Ottawa was -38.9°C on December 29, 1933).

Family security2. Ensure your family’s safety

While your furnace is essentially a necessity of life, it’s still a complex piece of machinery combining:

  • Moving parts
  • Electricity
  • Gas
  • Heat/flames

If any of these elements are out of sync, not only will it impact your furnace’s effectiveness, but it can also be a danger to your family.

For example:

  • Carbon monoxide (CO2) exposure: Colourless, odourless, deadly, and exhibits the same symptoms as the flu. A fall furnace check and CO2 alarm will spot any potential trouble spots.
  • Gas line leaks: The smallest leak can lead to a catastrophe; especially if something like a Christmas candle is lit in a room that’s filled with natural gas.
  • Fire hazards: Anything too close to your furnace (old boxes, rags, rugs, etc.) can be a fire hazard. You may not notice them, but your Anchor ClimateCare technician will.

A big part of your family’s winter safety is keeping them warm.

You’ll be able to that – with total peace of mind – when you book your fall furnace maintenance today.

Relaxing at home3. It’s just feels nice to get it done

There are certain household maintenance tasks that, when completed, just make you feel good:

  • Changing the oil in your car
  • Organizing the front hall closet
  • Balancing your bank statements

Getting your furnace ready for winter can do that, too.

As winter approaches, other homeowners may scramble to book their tune-ups (or worse, dealing with an emergency repair issue).

However, since you took care of fall furnace maintenance early, you’ll be totally relaxed and worry-free.

Really, there’s no price on that.

When Old Man Winter is doing his worst, your furnace will be doing its best

Winter will be here before you know it.

Is your furnace ready for it?

The best way to find out is to schedule your fall furnace maintenance visit today.

Whether you’re in Ottawa, Kanata, Nepean, Orleans, or anywhere in the area – we’ll come to you and get your furnace in tip-top shape for the cold months ahead.

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