My Air Conditioner is Making a Strange Noise. Help!

New air conditioners are quieter than old air conditioners.

The sound dampening tech built into modern air conditioners keeps the sound around the same level as a conversation between two people.

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When your air conditioner starts banging or clicking or making some other sort of unusual noise, you can safely say something’s wrong.

Don’t ignore these noises. The sooner you catch a developing problem, the better. Leaving an issue almost always makes it worse (and more expensive).

My air conditioner makes a banging noise.

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A pro can find the trouble with your AC fast.

Banging usually means something is loose, occasionally broken.

Something amiss inside the air conditioning compressor will manifest as a banging sound.

The compressor can be either repaired or replaced, depending on how bad the damage is.

A banging sound may also indicate a misalignment in the indoor blower – a quick repair.

My air conditioner makes a whistling sound.

High pitched whistling, or even screaming-ish sounds, often signals a refrigerant leak. It may also indicate abnormally high pressure inside the compressor. Both are dangerous for your family and your air conditioner.

If you hear a whistling sound followed by your air conditioner shutting itself down, this is good. The internal sensor detected a dangerous problem and intervened. It’s time to call us.

My air conditioner is rattling.

Rattling can signal a handful of ailments.

  • Parts inside are working themselves loose (a common problem with age).
  • The electrical contractor inside your AC can chatter, damaging other components.
  • The fan rattles when not fully tight.

Check the nuts and bolts you can get at before calling us.

My air conditioner keeps clicking.

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We have an idea why your air conditioner is making strange sounds…

Your system usually emits a click when turning on or off, but a consistent clicking noise during operation is no good.

This most likely means the thermostat or control is failing.

However, your air conditioner contains a number of electrical parts that could be the source of the clicking.

Electrical issues are always touchy, so it’s best to call us and book a visit quickly.

In 99 cases out of 100, an air conditioner will work without issue for years, as long as the owner keeps up with regular maintenance.

But when you hear one of these irregular noises, get in touch with us for a quick emergency repair visit. You never know how big (or, hopefully, small) a problem is until a professional gets a good look at it.

Call us to schedule your repair or maintenance today.

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