Do High Efficiency Furnaces Run More Often?

Open concept homes are highly sought after in today’s market. They add more space and light to your home and eliminate feelings of being cramped. A drawback to having so much open space, however, is trying to keep your home warm. Even more so in the winter time. Let’s look at the benefits of high efficiency furnaces to warm your open concept home. Do high efficiency furnaces run more often? What other tips can help you warm up your space and still keep your energy bills low?

Benefits of High Efficiency Furnaces

Great Savings

A high-efficiency furnace is an investment. It can be expensive to purchase in the beginning. Plus, you may need construction work done to accommodate drain lines and the additional CVC vent pipe that is found in high-efficiency furnaces. However, your furnace will pay for itself after a few years and depending on the change in how efficiently your furnace can utilize its fuel, (the AFUE rating) you could be looking at savings of up to 30 percent.

Better Performance/Better for the Environment

A modern furnace will benefit from new technological advancements such as: sound-absorbing materials and gas valves. You’ll get more consistent heating too, which is critical for an open concept home. High-efficiency furnaces have lower carbon dioxide emissions and help conserve natural resources, too.

Built to Last

When well maintained, your furnace should stand the test of time. They have built-in systems that remove moisture inside the heat exchanger. High efficiency furnaces can also withstand chemical build-up, and they run on a more economical on/off cycling program to make them last longer.

Do high-efficiency furnaces run more often?

Yes. Depending on the type of furnace you have and the age of your home. Factors that can affect how often your furnace will need to be on include things like how much energy is lost through windows/poorly insulated walls and how often someone is at home. A high-efficiency furnace should be running at least 80 percent of the day. Your furnace runs more often to save you energy and money.

Other Energy Saving Tips:

Installing a high efficiency furnace is one way to save energy and money, but there are other changes you can make to save money and/or help your furnace work less:

  • Replace older windows to stop heat escaping. Alternatively, use shutters or thermal drapes on existing windows.
  • Use energy efficient appliances. These will run more effectively, reduce your energy consumption and the money you spend on bills.
  • Upgrade exhaust fans throughout your home so they are working at optimal levels. Cracks can appear over time making them less effective.
  • Use a programmable thermostat, which will allow you to easily keep temperatures down and the heat off when you are sleeping or away from home to save on energy costs.
  • Improve the insulation in your home’s walls, roof, basement and attic (if you have one). More insulation will give you a better foundation to start heating your home.
  • Seal air leaks and insulate pipes.

The benefits of high efficiency furnaces speak for themselves. If you’re in the market to upgrade why not give Anchor ClimateCare a call today (888-725-7390) and see what we can do to help!