Got “Cold Spots” In Your Home? Here’s How to Warm Them Up.

Cold spots in house

It seems that every home in Ottawa or Embrun – no matter the age, size, or configuration – has certain “cold spots” which become downright freezing once winter hits.

Although you’ve got your furnace cranked, these frigid little pockets still remain.

It could be in an unused bedroom.

Or perhaps a corner of the family room.

Maybe your main floor bathroom is always chilly.

Usually, these “cold spots” are caused by three things which can impact your HVAC system:

  • Age/regular wear-and-tear.
  • Air filters.
  • Dirty/clogged air ducts.

Now, there are a few things you can do before calling Anchor ClimateCare to enjoy better heating throughout your home.

And if those don’t work, you can always contact us for a service visit.

Take a look at your air vents

Walk around your home and check out the air vents.

Is there anything sitting on top or covering them up, like a couch or rug?

Sometimes, when furniture is placed in a room, it ends up blocking the vent. In fact, even a small blockage through your home’s vents can impact how warm air flows.

(This is especially true if you have pets that tend to shed, like cats or dogs).

Here’s what to do:

  • Move your furniture around so you can vacuum any hair or gunk that’s on the ventilation
  • Redirect air towards certain areas by partially closing some vents.

Regarding that second bullet point, when vents are partially closed, less air can pass through them.

Therefore, the air will escape into your room through the path of least resistance.

So, by redirecting your vents, you are forcing the warm air to go where you want it to.

Thermostat fan setting onNever turn the fan off

Usually, there are two fan settings:

Most homeowners choose auto as their fan setting. The better, more efficient setting is on.

When the fan is set to on, warm air continues to flow through your house even after the heating cycle has finished.

Conversely, the auto setting only sends air through the home during the heating cycle. When the cycle is complete, the air starts to stagnate and cool down.

In case you’re wondering, leaving the fan in the on setting will increase your monthly heating bills by around $5.

Schedule air duct cleaning

Did you know that the air ducts in your home can spring a leak (just like a car tire)?

When that happens, warm air doesn’t reach its destination. It also forces your furnace to work harder than it should to provide a consistent flow of comfortable air to all corners of your home.

And when your unit is under more stress than necessary, it could necessitate emergency furnace repairs which can otherwise be avoided.

In addition to removing any dirt, debris and other build-up, duct cleaning can identify if there are any leaks within your system.

SMART thermostatInstall a Smart thermostat

A Smart themostat uses Wi-Fi technology (the same system which syncs your smartphone to your car radio) to provide pinpoint control over your home heating and home cooling systems.

With a Smart thermostat, you can:

  • Program automatic temperature changes during the day so that when you come home from work, your home is already at the perfect temperature.
  • Control your furnace from any location so that no heat is ever wasted or lost.
  • Receive email alerts the moment your home needs immediate attention (such as the house being too hot or too cold)

A Smart thermostat can help you determine how to deliver heat in your home during the day.

For example, if your bathroom is always cold in the morning, you can program it to provide extra heat before you wake up.

Need help keeping your entire home warm this winter? Contact us.

Those little “cold pockets” scattered throughout your home are annoying, uncomfortable and costing you money.

If you’re tired of them and want to get rid of them once and for all, contact the team at Anchor ClimateCare now.

We’ll come to you, inspect your furnace and provide the maintenance it needs to work properly and efficiently.