Confused about home air conditioning systems? Look no further!

Home air conditioning systems need TLC every year. Make sure your air conditioner is running smoothly and efficiently to get the very best cooling on the hottest days. And more efficiency means lower energy bills!

With Anchor ClimateCare’s range of high-efficiency, high-quality home air conditioning systems, you can feel refreshed right in your home, cooling off in Ottawa’s hot, sticky summers — while reducing your energy use all summer long! Choose from leading manufacturers as well as our own ClimateCare brand. Our Ottawa heating and cooling system experts will make sure you get the right home central air conditioning unit for your home, budget and lifestyle.

The purchase of home air conditioning systems is an investment comfort. But how do you choose the right model for you? Technology and industry standards have changed and your home may have undergone changes too. When choosing an air conditioner, correct sizing and efficiency are critical.

Air conditioning contractors you can trust

Anchor ClimateCare’s technicians are the most knowledgeable and friendly around, held to high standards by our membership in the ClimateCare cooperative. You can rest assured that, when selecting the right home air conditioning system for your home, you’ll get the personal advice to ensure your home is comfortable.

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Keep your home central air conditioning running at peak performance

Keep your air conditioner running in top shape to fight off the worst of Ottawa’s summers with Anchor ClimateCare’s air conditioner service and maintenance technicians.

Benefits of air conditioner service and maintenance from Anchor ClimateCare include:

  • Energy savings.
  • Improved cooling.
  • Extended air conditioner life.
  • Fewer repairs.
  • A comfortable home for your family all summer long.

Catch those signs of AC trouble before they turn into symptoms—schedule your air conditioner maintenance before it turns into an air conditioner repair now!

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Anchor ClimateCare is Ottawa’s number one source for home air conditioning systems. If your central air fails, you’ll start to feel the heat. Don’t go from the frying pan to the fire — call Anchor ClimateCare to get your air conditioner repaired ASAP.

Our licensed, certified technicians cover all of Ottawa, including Orleans, Gloucester, Cumberland, Nepean, Kanata, and Barrhaven.

We look forward to serving you!

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