Water Heater Repair in Ottawa

Here are some signs that your water heater needs repairs:

  • Your water heater is older than 10 years
  • Your water heater is making loud rumbling noises
  • You have rusty water
  • Water is leaking out around the heater
  • You water doesn’t reach adequate heat levels.

Water heater service involves a visual check

There are a few things our team looks for when we conduct water heater service. If you notice any of these issues you should give us a call immediately as you may need a water heater repair or water heater cleaning:

  • Look for any leaks around the unit and pipes
  • Check all gauges
  • Listen for any strange noises
  • Inspectthe heater and pipes for any corrosion or rust
  • Make sure the pilot light is blue and bright.

A lot can go wrong with a water heater, and even more can go wrong if you try and fix something that you haven’t been trained to understand. That’s why you should always leave hot water repairs to trained professionals.

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Watch out for scam artists

New rules in Canada about people selling products door-to-door has made it safer for consumers.

No one should be coming to your door offering to sell you a water heater or clean it, and if they do, make sure you contact the proper authorities.

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